.threat intelligence

Intercepting and mitigating potential cyberattacks is our responsibility.
THREAT INTELLIGENCE represents a cyclic evidence-based process that envisages a comprehensive approach for data collection, processing, and analysis, to grasp the means, pattern, and modus operandi of the threat actors.
THREAT INTELLIGENCE ensures an essential shift for your business, transforming the reactive behavior to a proactive one by extending a rapidly disseminated report and data-backed security decisions. The primary sources used for cyber THREAT INTELLIGENCE may vary from open-source intelligence (OSINT), social media intelligence (SOCMINT), and human intelligence (HUMINT )


Identity solutions implementation and management in terms of IT infrastructure in relation to your employees.


Security management for the workstations of the employees (patching, monitoring, antivirus management).


Security management for your servers and network equipment.


Adequate management of antivirus solutions for workstations and servers.
OUR EXPERTS WILL PROVIDE SPECIFIC DATA ANALYSIS by integrating intelligence in the existent security checks at the network level. The exchange of information will be performed through predefined and commonly agreed information channels so that information processing will not alternate the source.
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