White hats. Wicked Methods


ARMED SYNAPSE masters innovative thinking, rigorous experimentation, and constant adaptation. We deliver an integrated approach to operational art, command, control, leadership development, force structure, training & education from the digital spectrum. Does it sound like warfare to you? Yes, this is warfare. The modern and digitized one. Because a new battlefront front is emerging - cyberspace.
ARMED SYNAPSE intervenes to challenge the status quo. As change-makers and extended security facilitators, we adopt specific countermeasures based on reliability, innovation, consistency, responsibility, and resilience. Geared towards solving emerging digital challenges, we anticipate the upcoming areas of exposure and channelize our expertise into integrated security products and services. Cyberspace became the hottest playground for sophisticated cyber actors that are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy or threaten the delivery of essential services.

Armed​ Synapse is trusted for choosing to act:










Characterized by pragmatism, we responsibly build bridges between technology, safety, and your business development objectives. Interacting with our partners enhances the collaborative approach based on transparency, mutual communication, consistency, and accountability.

A word from our CEO:

Nowadays, emerging technologies have already become an extension of our daily life. Even if we speak about personal matters or business-related aspects, technology occupies a significant place on the hierarchy of needs. My role is to facilitate the alignment of people with technology and its processes, smartly and safely. Being in alignment with technology and its processes refers to adopting a preventive attitude and channelizing the know-how into punctual action to bring awareness and achieve the necessary adjustments for our development. The digital world simultaneously represents development opportunities as well as threats that need to be diminished. Think about the life cycle of your business. How long did it take you to grow your business? In other words, how much effort did you invest in generating and stabilizing your business? In the worst-case scenario, without a strategy and a conducted operationalization plan, your entire business perspective will be reduced to annihilation due to the existent threats from the digital environment. Proactive behavior and essential data & infrastructure protection can replace the passive approach and boost people's perception of technology. Our expertise will not just offer a solution. However, it will expand an integrated way to protect, accelerate and safely empower your business.

George-Alexandru Andrei, CEO and Co-Founder


We deliver robust IT security as a service. We chose to transform IT Security's perception, harnessing innovative tools aiming to secure your digital presence and increase your business protection. Purpose-driven and result-oriented, we are committed to generating impact among the cybersecurity industry and the international business environment.
We target the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises concentrated around these industries: IT Technology, Energy, Healthcare, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Training, to facilitate the solid evolution of your business cybersecurity practices.
Our mission is to safeguard your business and increase its predictability. We accomplish our mission by delivering robust IT security as a service while providing:
Your business will be empowered by the customary practices implemented accordingly with the existent International Security Standards, regarding :
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